Monday, August 3, 2009

Backyard Baby Shower

For Taylor's Baby Shower last fall, we were tasked with throwing a baby shower for 65 guests. Since we had just moved in to our new house, we decided to tie the baby shower in to a house-warming and threw the bash in our backyard. The theme was bright yellow & hot pink, which we used throughout the event and in the invitations.

We rented a couple large white canopies, tables & chairs from Emanual Party Rentals in Anaheim for a really good deal. We purchased colored lanterns from China Town and hung them throughout the seating area and the food area. We also strung some large lights throughout the tent, for when it got dark.

For drinks, we rented a margarita machine from Jump-O-Rama. What I like about renting the machine from them is that it is a double-sided one, so you can do alcoholic/non-alcoholic (which is what we did here) and you can get the drink mixes from them. All we had to provide was water & the alcohol. We also had a couple large containers of regular and pink lemonade (to stay with the color theme).

For food, we had a really excellent taco guy cooking on-site. I found Taco Queens on Craig's List & the company all together was really great to work with. The price was very reasonable and broke down to about $6/person. The food included a choice of two meats, tortillas, onions, cilantro, lime, salsa, guacamole, chips and all the napkins/utensils/plates. They also brought mac n' cheese as an option for kids... without us evemn asking. They even asked about our colors so they could coordinate the table cloths with our colors.

For favors, we had little chinese takeout boxes that decorated the tables and had a note that asked guests to visit the candy station to fill them. The candy station was filled with pink & yellow candy, adorned with pink & yellow ribbons and labels letting everyone know what kind of yummy treats were inside each glass jar.

We also had an amazing photographer with a great eye for detail. Laura from Evinauro Photography not only took some great photos of the guests but also caught all the amazing details you see on this page.